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Do you want to impact and make people life better?

Voluntering as a blogger is one way you can reach the world with your message, and naijablog has made that platform available ,post, publish content anytime, any day, anywhere absolutely free.

why you should our volunteers bloggers


🔖Allow yourself the opportunity to learn and grow.

🔖NGOs seems to be paying reasonably well these days, and they require that you have a little experience before giving you a job

🔖Volunteering as a blogger on naijablog can go a long way to give you that Experience, and prove that you have capacity to work in such sector.

🔖 If you ever want to study abroad, get international scholarship like Anso, CSS, Erasmudus most of these schools and professors will ask you to show some of your publications and it usually one of the requirements.

🔖 If you ever want to be taken as an Intern most times your online publications or previous works will be required.

🔖 If you ever want to work with the likes of UN, UNICEF, WHO and co, it very advisable to volunteer.

Volunteering as a blogger on naijablog and educating the public on your skills, knowledge or qualification will help you stand a better chance in qualifying for any opportunity out there and most importantly you will be impacting life and building your online presence at the same time

Don’t just volunteer get active, show your online presence, impact lives, train, coach, mentor people to be better at what you do.

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